How does Pfizer work with startups?

Pfizer is currently working with a number of startups. One of them is the Danish startup Cortrium, that develops mobile solutions for monitoring the hearth rhythm. Through Pfizer Healthcare Hub in Berlin, Cortrium receives support on how to meet the regulatory requirements for market access. The collaboration now aims to develop further joint projects to improve care in the area of cardiovascular diseases in Germany.

Better Patient Care through Digital Health

Cortrium redefines the starting point from which care can begin, by developing the next generation of wearable tech for the healthcare industry at affordable price.

To this end, Cortrium has developed a portable device that can measure important vital signs, such as heart beat, respiration and blood pressure. The mobile sensor can be used to measure vital data without the support of medical staff. As a result, the measurement becomes easier and more cost effective.

The captured data can be stored internally, or transferred via Bluetooth to a receiving device such as a computer or a tablet. The data is then available for medical evaluation.


About the collaboration

Thanks to the collaboration between Cortrium and Pfizer Germany, the startup receives information and support on how to meet the regulatory requirements for market access in Germany. Cortrium benefits from uncomplicated access to various departments at Pfizer, and from direct exchange with Pfizer employees in areas such as sales, communication and market access.

Meet Erik Poulsen, CEO and Co-Founder of Cortrium, and find out what the startup collaboration with Pfizer means to him and his team

Why we chose to collaborate with Cortrium

At Pfizer, we wish to develop new digital health solutions, which can be a valuable addition to Pfizer therapies for patients and physicians. The Cortrium sensor can be used for the detection of cardiac arrhythmias, and thus for the prevention of stroke. The development of new solutions for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in particular the early diagnostics and treatment of atrial fibrillation is an important part of Pfizer’s mission.

Other collaborations

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H2 Health Hub

H2 Health hub is a network and a co-working space for health-tech innovators, entrepreneurs and startups. As one of the industry partners, we offer our expertise to the startups in the Hub.

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