Collaboration with startups through Stockholm Healthcare Hub

As technology plays an increasing role in delivering and improving healthcare, Pfizer is seeking to support and accelerate innovation in specific therapeutic areas, to transform patients’ lives.

To achieve that we collaborate with startups to help them grow, reach more patients and providers faster; by giving access to Pfizer’s network and resources.

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Why collaborate with Pfizer?

Are you a startup working in digital healthcare? Benefit from our expertise within Stockholm Healthcare Hub to test your solution, develop your product and get access to Pfizer´s network and resources. Working with Pfizer Sweden could help you grow, reach more patients and providers faster!

Our Hub is designed to bring companies, working in digital healthcare, together with the experience and expertise of Pfizer Sweden´s network. The Hub will help companies and clinicians support adoption of innovative technologies and help you to advance your business, but even to scale up your solution or simply test the validity of it.

Our vision is simple: Work together to transform patient’s lives

Pfizer Healthcare Hub Stockholm

The Pfizer Stockholm Hub contributes to a global network of Pfizer Healthcare Hubs that can identify, interact, and support the startups that can provide solutions to our patient’s most challenging problems.

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Stockholm Hub is one of the latest in a global network of Pfizer innovation hubs, joining existing centers in New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv. New hubs are also being launched simultaneously in London, Sydney and Toronto. Additionally, specifically trained Pfizer colleagues are scouting digital healthcare startups in South America, South Africa as well as in Asia.

We know that startups are developing the technology which will shape healthcare provision of the future, and we are excited to be a part of this revolution.

We hope that collaborating with startups will complement our medicines with cutting edge technology throughout the whole patient journey, and help us drive the best possible patient outcomes.

What are we looking for?

As technology plays an increasing role in delivering and improving healthcare, Pfizer is seeking to support and accelerate innovation in specific therapeutic areas to transform patients’ lives.

Through joint working or by providing our skills, experience, and resources - we are looking for digital ideas to improve the delivery of healthcare and achieve the best health outcomes for people in Sweden. In addition, we also work with healthcare professionals, patients and patient organizations to explore the needs for a better patient-centered care.

We are searching for innovative solutions and approaches for:

  • Disease awareness & information
  • Early detection & better diagnosis
  • Adherence & compliance
  • Treatment outcomes and patient reported outcomes

Our goal is to leverage opportunities to drive better patient outcomes in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Endocrine
  • Inflammation
  • Rare Diseases
  • Oncology
  • Vaccines
  • Clinical Research

How does Pfizer work with startups?

Cortruim logotype

Collaboration with Cortruim

Pfizer Healthcare Hub Berlin has already several collaborations with startups, and the Danish startup Cortrium is one of them. Cortrium develops mobile solutions for monitoring the hearth rhythm, and Pfizer provides them with support on how to meet the regulatory requirements for market access. Learn more about the collaboration, and what Pfizer can do for startups.

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